One Day at School


              The school comes to life by around 8.30 A.M.Most of our children come by our own school buses which ply in and around Cherthala town. The rest come by State Transport buses, private vehicles or by cycles. A few of them are dropped by their own parents.

The teachers have to punch and mark their attendance by 8.30 A.M.The morning prayer starts by 8.30 A.M. All teaching faculty along with the Principal and Bursar join in this prayer seeking the Divine Guidance for the day's work.

The Start

The first bell is rung by 9 A.M and the school gets ready for its Morning Assembly. The whole school is divided into four houses and four categories. Each day's assembly is entrusted to a particular class and they lead and organise the programmes. Classes that are not having common assembly stay in their respective class rooms and their class teachers conduct class assemblies.


Classes that have common assembly line up in front of their class rooms and walk to the Assembly Pavilion in single line under the supervision of their respective class teachers. The school leader comes to the stage and calls the school to stand in attention.

    The assembly begins with a prayer song sung by the school choir  followed by Bible reading and prayer. This will be followed by saying the pledge. All those who stand in the campus stretch their hands and follow the leader in saying the pledge. "Thought for the day", "Word for the day", "News reading" are the regular feautures in the assembly. Occassionally there will be special programmes like skit, Quizes and so on.The assembly ends with the singing of the National Anthem and the students go back to their classes.

Teaching Hours

A school day is divided into 8 periods of 40 minutes duration. The  period starts by 9.20 and the respective class teachers takes the first periods. The teacher class out the names of the students and take attendance. After the second period the students get a break of 10 minutes and the lunch break is of 30 minutes from 12.15 to 12.45.In the afternoon session there is a break of 5 minutes from 3 P.M to 3.05 P.M and the school closes by 4 P.M with the singing of National Anthem.

A lot of Co-Scholastic and co-curricular activities keep the students engaged, informed and entertained in the Campus. Yoga, Gardening,peforming arts, drawing, painting, music, are a few to mention among them. Different Clubs like Nature Club, Health Club, Tourism Club, Charity Club,etc provide a lot of opportunities for the students to exhibit and develop their innate talents and leadership qualities.

      Sports and Games fing an equal share in the school activities. Each class will have at least one period per week for Sports activities.In addition to that after school hours coaching sessions for different games willcontinue upto 5 P.M

   A day in Bishop Moore Vidyapith is as busy as a bee -hive where every student finds a space for his or her growth and development.